Amritsar rail accident: Dalbir shot dead in Ravana

In the Amritsar incident, the disturbing person has been revealed. In the accident, the person was also cut off from the train, who played the role of Ravana in Ramlila there. Dalbir Singh, who played the role of Ravana during Ravana, was present on the track. At the same time, when Ravan’s effigy was burning,… Read More »

Good Budget Motherboard What kind of motherboard is better

Good Budget Motherboard What kind of motherboard is better – the subtleties of choosing a motherboard for specific tasks. Choosing a Motherboard for Games: The Main Criteria Everyone knows that such a motherboard, if not in its precise definition, is that the motherboard is the most important component for any computer. Motherboards display various types… Read More »

Hp’s cheapest laptop bought from here

HP’s full name is Hewlett-Packard. And this is America’s company. This company has a big name in the laptop world. And most of the laptops of this company are bought in India. If you also want to buy laptops from this company and you do not have much budget, then you will be told about… Read More »

5000 These are 5 portable hard disks, storage capacity 1TB

There are many great laptops coming in the market these days. These laptops also have high speed processor plus hard disk drive (HDD) with storage. That is, now starting from 500 GB, 1TB (terra byte) is coming in a laptop with 2TB storage. The capacity of 1TB equals 1000GB. Even after this, the storage of… Read More »

How To Choose The Right Processor For Computer

The processor is also called the Central Processing Unit Computer users must have basic information about this because this is the thing that works from data processing to running software. Choosing the right processor can make your work easier. Abdul Quadir is giving detailed information about various types of processors. Every user is given a list… Read More »