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5 Reasons Why Saudi Arabia Is Important For Western Struggle

If it proves that Saudi Arabia is in the hands of journalist Jamal Khashojji, then American President Donald Trump has threatened him with dire consequences.

On October 2 last, Khasjoji went to Saudi Consulate in Turkey, Anarka, and there was no evidence to come out alive after him.

Turkey says that Khashojji’s Saudi agents were killed. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia has dismissed the claims of Turkish officials as lies.

Saudi has also threatened to counterattack by looking at Western powers for fear of a ban. However, there is a fact that it is not so easy to take strong action on Saudi Arabia, what is the reason for it-

1. Oil supplies and prices

According to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Saudi Arabia has about 18 percent of the world’s oil reserves and it is the world’s largest oil exporter.

Because of this, the world of Saudi has the strength and influence.

For example, if the US or other countries impose sanctions on Saudi, the Saudi government can reduce the oil production. This will increase the cost of oil in the world as long as the other exporting countries are unable to meet this shortfall.

In an editorial published on Sunday, General Manager of the Saudi government’s Al Arabia TV, Turki Aldhil, said that banning Saudi will result in an economic disaster that will affect the whole world.

“If President Trump became so annoyed when the price of oil reached $ 80, then no one should deny the fear that the price can be $ 100 or $ 200 or more than double.”

If Saudi increases the prices of petroleum products then it will be heavier on consumers and prices will rise on petrol pumps.

2. Military contract

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Cypry), Saudi Arabia had the world’s third largest defense budget in 2017.

In that year, the country signed a $ 110 billion arms deal with the US. Also, there was an option to spend 350 billion dollars in 10 years.

According to the White House, the deal was the largest in America’s history.

Other countries that sell arms to Saudi Arabia include Britain, France and Germany.

Aldhil’s editorial shows that against any sanctions, Saudi can turn to China and Russia to meet its military needs.

3. Security and terrorism

The Western powers have insisted that Saudi Arabia plays an important role in maintaining security in the Middle East and fighting extremism and counterterrorism.

UK Prime Minister Teriza May defended him while maintaining a close relationship with Saudi Arabia. Despite this, in Yemen, Saudi is accused of war crimes, he said “Saudi has helped to keep people safe on UK roads.”

The birthplace of Islam is a member of the US-led global coalition of Saudi Arabia, the Islamic State (IS) group, and last year it formed an Islamic Military Counter Alliance against terrorism in collaboration with 40 other Islamic states.

Alkhakhil estimates that there is no restriction on Saudi in Khushozji case, it will be a thing of the past to share trustworthy information among the other western countries including Saudi and America.

4. Regional Coalition

Saudi Arab has worked closely with the United States to counter the influence of Iran.

Both Sunni and Shia Muslim countries are struggling indirectly from decades to mid-east.

In Syria, Saudi Arabia has supported rebel groups trying to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad, while Iran has helped change the tide of war along with Russia as well.

In his editorial, Aldhil warned that as a result of American sanctions and new weapon deals Saudi Arabia and Iran could have better relations and reconciliation.

5. Trade and investment

Aldehilan General Manager Aldehil also said that US companies could be “deprived” from reaching the Saudi market.

US trade with Saudi Arabia increased by $ 46 billion in 2017. The US Commerce Ministry estimated that there were about 1, 65,000 jobs in the US in 2015 due to bilateral trade.

In August, Saudi Arabia banned all new businesses with Canada because Canada was “interfering” in its domestic affairs. While speaking of Canada’s release of detained civilians and women rights activists, Saudis considered it a violation of its sovereignty.

Saudi also banned the import of Canada’s grain and ordered thousands of Saudi students returning to government scholarships in Canadian universities.

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