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Diwali will not celebrate such pollution

Diwali will not celebrate such pollution

Deepawali is the festival of lamps. Of course burn the lamp. Burning the lamp out of the house seems very delightful. But along with the lamp, people burn crackers too. A few moments of firecrackers give the poison solution in the atmosphere. The harmful pollutants like nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide present in them cause problems related to respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis. But by adopting some parameters, you can avoid these harmful pollutants.

Deepawali in hindi

Diwali is a festival of happiness and light, but the crackers released during Deepawali can pose a threat to public health with the firecrackers. During Diwali, fireworks and fireworks increase the risk of health problems like heart attacks, blood pressure, asthma, allergies, bronchitis and pneumonia, and therefore patients of asthmatics and heart should take special precautions.

How to use caution:
If you have problems related to asthma or breath, stay inside the house and try to avoid the smoke. In this case if you have to go out, keep your medicines together and go out by putting a mask.
At the time of Deepawali’s time, people gather in cleanliness of the house and throw away the waste products of the house. There are also some things that are inanimate and harm to the environment. Do not throw such things around.

Deepawali in hindi

The noise from the firecrackers causes excessive noise pollution and is also harmful to health. The ‘Lakshmi Bam’, the most used in Deepawali, comes with a sound of 100 decibels (sound unit), and the level of loud noise from 50 decibels is considered to be harmful to humans. Perhaps you do not know, hearing a very loud voice can also lead to deafness, and this increases the chances of a heart attack in the heart patients.
Doctors say that noise and pollution of firecrackers is harmful to all. Due to high light and noisy crackers, blindness in the eyes of people and deafness in the ears can come. So keep distance from firecrackers.

So today, spread this story to your friends that you are going to celebrate Diwali free of pollution this time.


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