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Amazing! These countries get the best salary, work and better than living.

A recent survey has revealed that if you choose the right country before going abroad, then its income can increase significantly. Surveys have shown that Switzerland, the US and Hong Kong pay their staff the highest salary. In each of these countries, each employee gets an average of $ 21,000 (that is, 15,56,205 rupees).

According to the survey, 45 percent of the migrant workers said that they are getting more salaries in the current job according to international level. At the same time, 28 per cent said that they have to go to another company or other place for promotions. Talk about Switzerland It is known in the world for its high mountains and high salaries. Annual salary income of the citizens of here is $ 61,000 (that is 45,16,135 rupees). Talking about the migrant workers coming here, they get $ 203,000 (that is, Rs 1,50,41,285 lakhs). Which is twice the global income.

It has been found in the survey that Hong Kong’s migrant workers who work for HSBC have topped the survey rankings for living and work. Hong Kong got the top position in the ranking for the fourth consecutive time.

New Zealand, Germany and Canada are the names of better country rankings for living and work after Hong Kong in the rankings. While the location of Switzerland is eighth in the list. It is being told that the poor ranking of Switzerland has increased the number of children growing up here due to the difficulties of the eighth.

See here in the graph what country do migrant workers meet in the country, how much money-

Regarding this survey, HSBC says that Singapore has everything for migrant workers in the world’s smallest countries.

The country with the highest gender equality is in the top category according to the Swedish Family Facilities, while New Zealand, Spain, and Taiwan are still undergoing experience.


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