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Amritsar rail accident: Dalbir shot dead in Ravana

In the Amritsar incident, the disturbing person has been revealed. In the accident, the person was also cut off from the train, who played the role of Ravana in Ramlila there. Dalbir Singh, who played the role of Ravana during Ravana, was present on the track.

At the same time, when Ravan’s effigy was burning, Dalbir Singh, who became Ravana in Ramlila, was present on the track. During the Ravana combustion, the train arrived and Dalbir Singh was taken into custody by more than 60 people.

The family is in shock with the death of Dalbir. Dalbir’s wife is crying after crying. Dalbir Singh’s mother and brother are still not convinced that his family is not in this world anymore. Dalbir had been playing Ravana in Ramlila for years. Even yesterday, he came out early to say that he had to prepare Ram and Lakshman.

According to Dalbir’s family, the local administration is responsible for the accident which has failed to alert the people. What else to say, if it is not a game of fate, the only Ravana who became Ravana on the day of Ravana was burnt to death?

When, where and how the incident happened?

This incident happened near gate number 27 between Amritsar and Manawala. In fact, at around 7 pm on Friday evening people were present on the railway track of the pair gate located in the wide market of Amritsar. The effigy was being lit just 200 feet away from the tracks.

DMU train number 74943 going from Jalandhar to Amritsar went through there during the period. The speed of the train is about 100 km Was per hour. The speed at which this train crushed the people on the track and seeing the dead body lying in a radius of 150 meters. After the accident, 60 people have been confirmed dead. According to the information, 40 bodies were kept in Civil Hospital and 19 bodies were kept in Gurunanak Hospital.

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