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The e-district services is a state mission mode project run under the e-governance scheme, whose main purpose is to computerize the public-centric services. The entire system order in this services has been computerized. In the e-district project, services related to registration in the certificate,  public distribution system, pension, exchange, credit, revenue disputes and employment centers have been included. The State Government has implemented the services in all the districts of the state and has set up service centers for the convenience of the public and distribution of services. All these Centers are being set up at the Center at Village level by District Service Provider (DSP). The entire development and technical operation of e-district services software is being done by the National Informatics Center, Uttar Pradesh unit. The certificates issued under this services have also been integrated from the Government of India’s Digital Locker Project.

What is the requirement of residence certificate?
Housing / residence certificate is usually issued to prove that the person holding the certificate is a resident of the state / union territory by whom the certificate is being issued. This certificate is required as a certificate of residence so that habitat / residence quota can be done in educational institutions and government services, and even in case of job where local residents are given preference.

What do you need to do to get a residence certificate?
The prescribed application are either  online available or from the local authorities, ie, the Sub Divisional Magistrate / as specified by the State / Union Territory of your residen.Tehsildar’s Office / Revenue Department / District Collector’s Office or other authority, as specified by the State / Union Territory of your resident. You will be required to provide proof of residing in the State / Union Territory continuously for a specified minimum period, or depending on the rules of the respective State / Union Territory of keeping the land on the State / Union Territory. To certify your identity documents may be required by the authority of the requisite authority, certification of the form, school certificate and Tehsil’s inquiry report. Women, who live in the State / Union Territories originally, but marry men who are permanently residing in the State / Union Territory, who are eligible for residence certificate of State / Union Territory. Residence is eligible for certificate.

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