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Good Budget Motherboard What kind of motherboard is better

Good Budget Motherboard What kind of motherboard is better – the subtleties of choosing a motherboard for specific tasks. Choosing a Motherboard for Games: The Main Criteria

Everyone knows that such a motherboard, if not in its precise definition, is that the motherboard is the most important component for any computer. Motherboards display various types of tasks. So, many are wondering which motherboard is best?

This is why we have made this rating the top 10 best motherboards 2016 years while compiling this list, we kept such board data in mind: speed, memory size, such kind of connection – PCI, SATA, USB, Video card support, USB boost, sound output, cost and quality etc. let’s get on:

The best brands of motherboards
The motherboard is the central communication center for your computer. Here all your components are connected and can interact with each other. The motherboard that you choose for yourself, the game computer, will have a huge effect on the quality of your assembly. If you choose an affordable low-end motherboard, you have to pay attention to the cheapest components.

Is it advisable to gather a powerful gaming computer on the AMD platform?
However, if you choose a multi-functional and powerful motherboard, you will not only benefit but will also have many opportunities to upgrade in the future. Although the motherboard will not have a direct effect on your gameplay, it plays a big role on your computer. Therefore, you have to consider giving a decent part of your budget on your motherboard.

The tenth place is related to Motherboard Biostar H61 MGC, which has support for socket 1155 socket, it supports 16 GB memory, it has been designed Intel processor core i3 / i5 / i7 This motherboard uses Intel H61. In addition, this board has the ability to use the built-in graphics core, and the system will allow faster charging of the Booster Shuffle from the mobile device USB port.

So whether you are looking for an inexpensive gaming motherboard or a high performance motherboard overclocking board, this list is the version of the motherboard. The price is ordered lower than the high, so it becomes easy for you to find a board that meets your specific requirements.

And do you have a big budget that you want to use to make ridiculously functional and powerful gaming computers? He probably will not be able to claim the highest level of the motherboard, but he is not far behind. There is a good balance of work in it to go with its competitive price.balance of work in it to go with its competitive price.

At the ninth place, the ASRock motherboard is located at Extreme3 ​​970, which is known for its long life (2.5 times as it was, thanks to using solid state capacitor quality conductive polymer from Japan). This motherboard is made possible only to maintain a variety of processors and types of technology, in addition to 7.1 HD channel codec with data protection.

For its motherboard is not behind its system performance, it is equipped with five different temperature sensors and hybrid fans for cooling. Let’s face it, overcling it was not. After all, if you do not plan to overclock, and you need a decent motherboard that does not break the bank, this is a good option.

CPU power circuit
At the moment, there are tons of options, but in the coming months, this should change as motherboard manufacturers are moving forward with the release of new chips. So, if you want to save a good part of the change, without sacrificing too much performance, this board is for you without sacrificing too much performance, this

In the motherboard on the eighth place – ASUS M5A97, this motherboard is made on stage with AM3 + UEFI BIOS.K features include: Intelligent Chips – In addition to TPU and energy processors, a very high quality and user-friendly BIOS interface . Auto-spanning uses auto tuning technology. Support is provided: Quad-GPU crossfirex and USB 3.0, SATA with 6 GB / S.

This, of course, if you do not want to run dual graphics card settings anymore or in the future. This allows you to automatically configure overwral profiles, without the need to display the best system performance without excessive performance. This model gives you many connectivity options for both your system’s maximum performance and speed.

Combined technologies increase airflow, accelerate heat wastage and give you the ability to control all your cover fans on your graphics card. Built-in sensors provide real-time monitoring, and advanced technology can reduce the motherboard’s temperature to 10 degree celsius.

Seventh place – Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 It was developed to provide motherboard, stable working platforms, as well as acceleration technology for the fastest data transfer, through GIGABYTE 333 onboard. The board supports the latest processor AMD AM3 + Fx / AM3 Phenom I, port number 6 of interface: SATA3, RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, which provides high throughput of 6 GB / S and support. Thanks 2 Layers PCI-E 2.0 x16 offers a high performance graphics system.

This allows you to use three graphics cards to increase the visibility of your gameplay, and if you prefer to play headline with state-of-the-art graphics or if they require three-dimensional or virtual quality techniques then this is a strong possibility is.

We buy motherboard “Asus”
Since it is an entry level model, its limited capabilities and possibilities are. Another feature that separates it from other options in this price range is the underlying video card. Although your motherboard will not have any direct impact on your gaming experience, it will play a bigger role in determining which components you can add to your production. The motherboard you choose will be as cheap as the limited, the limited amount.

The motherboard at the sixth place is Intel DH67BL. It’s for desktop PCs, which is running on stage using Microxx using the Intel H 67 Express chipset. Supported processors: LGA 1155 and Intel – Cori 7 / i5 second generation. Connector: The application of DVI-I and HDMI + Capacity 2 displays with Intel HD graphics technology. This motherboard has all the advanced facilities available in the modern market.

However, if you work with a limited budget, you can definitely choose less expensive motherboards. And if you are planning to do anything, making a single video card, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on high quality motherboards.

After all, your motherboard is an important part of your computer, and you definitely need time to choose the time that will suit your needs, and in the future you will also get upgrade options. Obviously, the main reason is that they cover your components – you can tell everything about it.

In the fifth place – ASUS supports P8Z77-V LX, LGA1155 socket – ASUS offers all specifications of P8Z77-V LX, PCI 3.0, USB 3.0, SATA3, 6 GB / S. We apply ATX form factor and Intel Z-77 chipset. There are 4 memory slots with frequencies 1066 – 2400 MHz – DDR 3 DIMM. In addition, there are various expansion slots in it.

Why did this happen?
But the story is more than one. Take it with someone who has already set a cheaper route – getting a cute motherboard can potentially cause system failure and irreversible damage to your other components. In addition to the quality of the motherboard, which has the ability to create or break the entire assembly, there are many other small advantages that hold solid.

Before going to the list, let’s look at some of these benefits. For average users, motherboards are related to functions and speak roughly, do not affect performance directly. Although it makes a bit easier, as long as you get a motherboard that matches your chosen components, you are in clean, cool water.

The fourth place motherboard is ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0. The difference is the presence of Seram! X, which has a coating of ceramics, provides high cooling. In addition, thermal radar technology is used, which provides fan control.

What do you miss if you do not get expensive motherboard? Again, if you will not use some functions or ports, then you are wasting money. The number of cores increases and the frequency of the clock changes. Sooner or later, it will be important to update the motherboard. Remember when you need only a video card to get great game performance?

Works performed by “South Bridge”
A card is probably not going to bite it – not for the demand of the game. The best gaming motherboards have full support multiple graphics cards from the lid that allows you to maximize the capabilities of your system. Split Smoothing with Optional Frame . The motherboard allows graphics cards to be divided into work. This reduces the load on the system, which increases productivity and enhances the life of your components.

The basis of the elements is of the highest quality. Among other things, the motherboard has Digital Power Technology – DIGI +, Software Remote Go. Thanks to this technique, connections with foreign equipment are provided. It has compatibility with operating system Windows 8, as well as a high-quality version of BIOS firmware via USB BIOS flashback.

Of course, this level of quality and clarity brings some better performance requirements. You definitely want two. Your video card is attempted 4 times pixels 4 times. To support the epic workload of two powerful video cards, you will need an excellent motherboard.

Of course, this is a little subjective, but if you are building your own rig, there is a sense of perfection, which can be said about getting you from being able to combine it all. However, if you do your research and do not hurry, you can easily gather them.

It provides support for the latest processor AMD AM3 + FX / AM3 Phenom II generation, with RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 6 GB / s 6 ports with the capability and SATA3 2way Extreme CrossFireX 4th slot PCI- Due to compatibility with E 2.0 and / Nvidia SLI, graphic system work is provided. Specifically, we can refer to the revolutionary technique of energy saving.

Our Top 5 Lists Of The Best Gaming Motherboards
Let’s now see our list of the best motherboards on the market. First of all, it is a “thermostat”, which is the board itself and is called structural strength for cool channels. Because the boards are both the same, however, you do not miss a lot by going with one or the other. Check out the brief description of the technical details below and the complete system specification for yourself and see who suits your needs.

It is almost twice as big as the other major brands, and of course will stop the distortion of your video card or damage it over time – it does not matter how big or heavy it is. The hero is in third place for two reasons. He uses water cooling, which disables some users. . With prices declining, however, there is also a drop. This budget wins our award for Best Motherboards with awards.

In our rating second place, the top 10 best motherboards of 2016, motherboard ASUS Sabertooth Z77. It’s an ultra-reliable motherboard that runs on the Intel Z90 Chipset. It has a unique thermal armor cooling system and thermal radar fan control.

The lack of some functions and the fact that it does not support the 7th generation processor, this number is 5 in this list. Its audio functions are also the last. Overall, it is still a very solid motherboard that will work well for the next few years.

Despite your budget, you have an excellent motherboard. Unless it supports the level of gaming performance you want to achieve, then any motherboard will face this task completely – but people in this list are the best in many different price points.

The system is protected by dust for TUF dust defender technology, which ensures the non-stop operation of the motherboard. In addition to other things, the basis of very high quality elements, digital power supply system is DIGI +.


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