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Google Drive- fast and feature full drive for you

Google Drive- fast and feature full drive for you

Google Drive is a safe place for all your files and puts them within reach from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Good and fast drive.It is safe.

Do you want to keep your files in a place where you can remove them, anytime. You do not need a pen drive and neither to copy it, just you have to have your account id password. Google Drive is a Google service that gives you free space on the Internet, where you can keep your essential things, and keep files that you want to share with people.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a free service made by google, which allows you to store files on online cloud storage, you can use these files from any corner of the world.

Along with file storage, Google Drive lets you have all the features of Microsoft Office such as Documents, Spreadsheets, etc. Gives. Almost all the big companies are now working on google only as these files remain in Google Drive and we can send them from one place to another without pendrive, thereby saving time.

Why use Google Drive?

Because it comes in the most advanced storage of today and it is available 15 GB free space which is enough to make normal use. This service is from Google, so you can trust it too.

Think about how much time will be left for you to use pendrive to send files from one computer to another. And you can work with others on your files. You can share your files very easily with any person in the world.

How to use google in  android smartphone

If you use PlayStore on your smartphone then this app does not require you to sign in with Gmail because you are already signed in. If not, you will need to enter your Gmail ID to sign in. When you open it, you will see its simple home page. If you want to save anything in it, you will have to click on the plus sign given below. Clicking on it will show you the upload option.

On clicking upload, you will be able to access the Save photo in your mobile gallery, where you can upload all photos together or one by one and upload the photo to this app. In this app, you can save contact numbers and your voice or music in addition to your photos.


Now you may have come to know what Google Drive is (what google drive is) and how we can use Google Drive. This app has many benefits and the first benefit is that the service is available free of charge. If our mobile ever gets spoiled or stolen, then with the help of this app we can see our old photos again and this is the biggest advantage of this app here and if it talks about its loss, it does not harm anything Google The app is giving you lots of freebies.

Google Photos in Google Drive

Google Drive is also Google Photos Please click on any photo of your photo. Use Automatic Upload Google Photo Upload me, Isme Smartphone App Me service is a hypotenuse. And Sync option is enabled. You are very useful to Google’s service which I can use across the future in the future.

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