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Now WiFi will not need to backup the phone’s data in Google Drive

Now WiFi will not need to backup the phone’s data in Google Drive

Become a part of almost every aspect of life, the sudden worry about the sudden loss of the smartphone, the most worry is the data contained in it. So far, the phones running on the Android platform were automatically backed up in Google Drive, but for this, the phone had to be connected to the internet via WiFi by charging it on charging. Now you can manually save phone backups on Google Drive by simply pressing a button manually.

Google pointed to the facility of manual backup in its annual program in August. After the new software update coming to Android, this feature has now started. The 9th-5th Google.com website, which tracks changes in Google, has reported the start of this facility in its report on Friday.

Not only new updates in older Android

The website says that earlier it was believed that this feature will be provided in the new 9.1 version of the Google Android operating system, which is being given the name of Google Pie. But the investigation of a technical expert Alex Kruger has found that this feature has also started in the phone running on the old Android platform. Even in the Google Marshmallo Android of 2014, the facility to secure data manually on Google Drive has begun.

These phones will have more benefits

The most benefit to getting the option to secure data manually in Google Drive is to those phones whose phone’s USB port or WiFi sensor is damaged. Data backup on the drive will stop automatically being damaged by any of these one, but after the new facility, they will also be able to take advantage of it.

Check your convenience in your phone

– Go to Google’s settings in the phone and click on the backup button
– Backup suppression will come with blue color nine option
– After clicking on Backup Now the copy of the phone data will be made on the drive
– The phones in which the backup will not appear, they will soon come with software updates.

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