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Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra Kya hai Aur Sahaj Jan Seva Kaise Khole

Hello Friends, क्या आप sahaj jan seva केंद्र खोलना चाहते है यदि हाँ तो इस पोस्ट में हम आपको बताएँगे कि सहज जन सेवा केंद्र कैसे खोला जाता है।


What is Sahaj Jan Seva Center?
Sahitya Jan Seva Kendra is a permanent service center established by the Government of India, where we offer all types of online services such as Aadhar card, PAN card, passport, income certificate, caste, residence, birth certificate, banking and all other types of online Can take advantage of the services
This center is a permanent center established under the e-Governance scheme of the Government of India. This center can avail both the facilities of government and non-government. The instinctive public service center is also known as CSC (Common Service Center). This center plays a very important role in reaching the government facilities to the village. With the help of Jan Seva Kendra, we can take advantage of all those online services.

What is the need to open Sahaj Jan Seva Center?
To open the Sahitya Jan Seva Kendra, you should have all the things available such as educational qualifications, age and some necessary documents whose details are given below.
First, you have to keep in mind that you are required to be a resident of the Sahitya Jan Seva Center where you are opening it.
2: You must decide before the application that you are over 18 years of age. |
3: To open the Seamless Public Service Center, your minimum educational qualification should be Maticulation.
4: You do not need computer proof for the intuitive public service center, but you should come running well computer. Because you have to do all the work through a computer.
5: For this center you must have knowledge of English language.

Materials required for Sahaj Jan Seva Center
For the Intimate Jan Seva Kendra, you need some required material which is given below.

You need 100-200 square meters room to install the center.
At the center you need to have at least two computers.
You can use electricity or generator for power backup to run the computer.
You must have a minimum printer for this.
You must have a great Internet Connection for this.

How to open Sahaj Jan Seva Center?
You have two options available to open the Intimate Public Service Center, but here we will tell you both options.
1: You can contact your district’s NIC (National Informatics Center) to open a public service center.
2: You can apply online for the Innovative Public Service Center even sitting at home. Please read the following methods carefully to apply online.
To apply online, you have to click on the link given below.

                                                Registration Link

As soon as you click the Resistration link, you will be redirected to a new website.
There you will see some such type of website

Now you will have to choose Sahaj mitra from the dropdown menu given, and as soon as you choose it, a new form will open in front of you. In this form you will have to fill out the details.
After filling the details, you will have to click on the next button. After this you will need to upload your ID and residence proof on the new page.
Valid documents for this have been given below.
In Identification proof, you can give your Aadhar Card, Voter card or your driving license
Below is valid document in address proof.

Aadhar Card
Voter card
Bank passbook
electricity bill
Telephone bill
Ration card
water bill

After uploading the document, you will have to click Next again. After clicking Next, a new form will be opened in which you have to fill in your bank details. After you fill it, click on Next. Now you can enter any new page Fill the name reference and details related to the content.

After this your application has been completed, now you can submit your form by confirming your details. After submitting, you will receive an application number in your registered email and within 3 days your accessible portal login ID and password You will get in the email given.
Hope this post will help you to open sahaj jan seva center. If this post sounds good, then share it with your friends.




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