The fundamental motivation behind a dam is to hold water for utilizing it for different purposes like-Electricity age, horticulture and furthermore to meet day by day water prerequisites of settlements. Maharashtra, a state in focal India has three noteworthy waterways coursing through it-Godavari, Tapti and Krishna. These waterways have a huge system of tributaries dousing the province of Maharashtra.

A dam expand on one of the tributaries of the Krishna River – the Koyna River, houses the greatest dam in Maharashtra which is the primary subject of this exposition. The Koyna River ascends in Mahabaleshwar, a slope station and eminent visitor spot situated on the Sahyadri mountain scope of the Western Ghats.


Expand on the Koyna River.

Situated in the Deshmukhwadi town, Koyna Nagar, Satara District, Maharashtra.

Found 190 km south west of Pune.

44 Km from Chiplun on Chiplun Karad SH 78.

Some portion of the ‘Koyna Hydroelectric Project’.

Greatest Dam in Maharashtra.

Finished in 1963, was the primary biggest structural building venture post autonomy.

Made of rubble and cement.

Add up to age limit of 1960 MW every day.

Biggest hydro control age unit in India.

The dam has a stature of 103 meters.

Spill way is situated in focus.

Spill way has six conduits.

Gives water to horticultural and residential purposes.

Assumes imperative job in containing surges amid the rainstorm.

The repository of the dam is 50 km long and 262 feet called-Shivsagar Lake.

The limit of store is 105 TMC.

Asia’s first and second lake tappings in 1999 and 2012 individually.

In 1967 a 6.5 size seismic tremor built up a few splits on the dam.

Undermined by the infringements along its backwaters.

Tentative arrangements of expanding the power age by 400 MW.


The Koyna Dam is situated in the Koyna Nagar, Satara District, encompassed by the Western Ghats. On the off chance that you are heading out from Chiplun to Karad on the State Highway No. 78, at that point 44 km (27.3 miles) from Chiplun, is the Koyna Dam situated in Deshmukhwadi town. Koyna Nagar is found around 60 Km downstream of the Koyna River from its source. The territory encompassing the dam is a piece of Koyna Wildlife asylum and is encompassed by rich green and unadulterated areas. The backwaters of the Koyna Dam are additionally a wellspring of different recreational exercises.

The Need

Koyna Dam is a piece of a hydroelectric venture comprising of four dams built to meet the power needs of the territory of Maharashtra. Koyna Dam is the biggest of them henceforth the undertaking is named as ‘Koyna Hydroelectric Project’. The dam creates 1960 MW power day by day and has a water stockpiling limit of 105 TMC.

The water put away in the about 50 Km (Shivasagar Lake) long store of the Koyna Dam is redirected to the rest of the dams of the task, because of which Koyna River is additionally called as ‘The Lifeline of Maharashtra’. The dam takes into account the power and agribusiness needs of the province of Maharashtra. The Koyna Dam has likewise served the water needs of the neighboring state Karnataka, when the last confronted a water shortage.


The land obtaining for the Koyna Dam started in 1956 and the development was finished in 1963. The Koyna Dam is viewed as a building wonder showing development perfection comparatively radical and is additionally the biggest structural designing task dispatched after the Independence and is controlled by the Maharashtra State Electricity Board. The 103 meters high dam houses the biggest hydroelectric power station in India with add up to limit of 1960 MW. It is comprised of rubble-concrete and has 33 stories and having channels for conveying water for irrigational and different purposes.

The spill way (a structure for the controlled arrival of the water) of the dam is situated in the inside having six outspread entryways. The dam assumes a fundamental job in controlling surges amid the storm. Over every one of the stages, an aggregate of 14-18 turbines are operational in the dam.


There are two noteworthy dangers to the Koyna Dam as given beneath

The Earthquakes.

Infringement in the backwaters.

The Koyna Dam, since its development has withstood numerous tremors. In 1967 a 6.5 extent tremor shook the Koyna Dam bringing about breaks at a few spots. This sudden common cataclysm raised the worry for the wellbeing of dam and close-by settlements. Indian researchers have detailed an aspiring undertaking of boring down a 7 km profound opening to examine seismic exercises under the world’s surface.

The organization of the Koyna Dam has as of late raised its worry about the expanding human infringements in the back waters of Koyna Dam. They have as of late presented an affirmation in such manner to the Bombay High court.


At the point when the water of the Koyna River was appropriated by the Koyna Dam, a lake 50 km long (31 miles) having a profundity of 262 ft was shaped. This lake which is actually the supply of the Koyna Dam is known as the Shivsagar Lake. The Lake is encompassed by peaceful green fields and woods and is frequently called as ‘Smaller than normal Kashmir’ by some nature darlings and explorers. The lake is likewise a place for some, recreational exercises like sailing and different games. The repository is encompassed by the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, which is another regular ponder managed by the Koyna stream and the Shivsagar lake.

The Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary encompasses the banks of Koyna from its root to the territories close Koyna Dam. The haven in the Western Ghats manages a considerable lot of the imperiled and uncommon species like-Tiger, Bison or Indian Gaur, Barking deer, Leopards separated from numerous types of winged creatures and reptiles. The backwaters of the Koyna Dam fill in as the life saver of this lovely scene which is a wonder of characteristic assorted variety and serenity.


You can find the solution of these inquiries under FAQs:

On which River is the Koyna Dam construct?

The Koyna Dam is based on the Koyna River, which is ascending in Mahabaleshwar, Satara region of Maharashtra.

How to achieve Koyna Dam?

Koyna Dam is found 44 km from Chiplun on Chiplun-Karad State Highway No. 78.

In which region/town is the dam found?

In Deshmukhwadi Village, Koyna Nagar, Satara District

How far is Koyna Dam from Mumbai?

The rough street remove among Mumbai and Koyna Dam is 350 Km.

What is the reason for the Koyna Dam?

Koyna Dam houses the greatest hydroelectric power age unit in India, serving the power need of the province of Maharashtra.

Which goal-oriented venture is the Koyna Dam a piece of?

The ‘Koyna Hydroelectric Project’ with an aggregate introduced limit of 2000 MW.

At the point when was the Koyna Dam manufactured?

The Dam developed in 1963, was the biggest structural designing task authorized after autonomy.

What is the tallness of the Koyna Dam?

The tallness of the Koyna Dam is 103 meters.

What number of floors does the dam has?

The dam houses 33 stories having spillways for water appropriation.

What number of conduits does the dam houses?

The spillway of the dam has six outspread doors.

What is the aggregate age limit of the dam?

The dam has an aggregate limit of 1960 MW.

What is the name of the Koyna dam store?

The supply of the Koyna Dam is called Shivsagar Lake.

How enormous is the repository?

The Shivsagar Lake ranges for almost 50 kilometers having a profundity of 262 feet.

What is the aggregate stockpiling limit of the supply?

Add up to water stockpiling limit of the store is 105 TMC (105 billion cubic feet)

Other than control age what different purposes does it serves?

Providing water for horticulture and drinking purposes.

What number of towns are influenced by the dam?

Land securing started in 1956 and development finished in 1963, a considerable lot of the villagers are as yet holding up recovery.

What number of lake tappings does Koyna Dam has?

The Koyna Dam has two lake tappings and was holding the qualification of Asia’s first and second lake tappings in 1999 and 2012 separately.

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