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Why Amazon Is Massive On Flipkart – Who Will Be The Hottest In The Indian E-Commerce Market

If we talk about the number of people who use Internet in India, India’s internet user base in 2015 was estimated to be around 354 million. It was estimated that by 2016, the figure exceeded 500 million. will go. Although the estimate of crossing 500 Million was not correct, but yes this figure is expected to reach around 450 to 465 Million by the year 2017. These estimates are only for Internet users, but there is also a considerable increase in e-commerce market in India.

According to the 2009 data, e-commerce market in India was about $ 3.9 billion but coming up to 2013, there was a lot of increase and this figure reached $ 12.6 billion, in which 70% of e-commerce market is only related to travel. According to Google India, there were 35 million online shoppers in India till 2014, according to estimates, this figure will be beyond 100 million by the end of 2016. There is currently no fresh information about it but it is not wrong to say that now India is a fast emerging country in the world of e-commerce.

This article is centered on Flipkart and Amazon, which is India’s famous e-commerce company, where millions of people buy stuff every day. There are also large distances in both companies, one of which is the distinction of experience. My gesture is on the Amazon side that has been e-commerce for the last 22 years, making the world the emperor; Flipkart has been offering its services only in India for the last 10 years, which is not limited to the whole of India, but to the big metropolis and smaller cities. If you focus on experience and services, it is OK to say that Flipkart is dwarf in front of

Who and when:

 Amazon, is an American electronic commerce and cloud provide computing company.

         Founded by – Jeff Bezos on 5th July 1994
         Headquarters – Seattle, Washington, U.S
         Area served – Worldwide

  “Flipkart is an electronic commerce company.

      Founded by – Sachin Bansal and Binny in October 2007
      Headquarters – Bangalore, Karnataka, India
      Area served – India

As mentioned above, Amazon is giving its services only in the whole world, Flipkart is the only Indian experience. Amazon started its business in India on June 2014. In just 3 years, Amazon started wooing online Indian buyers, who gradually went off to other e-commerce companies including Flipkart. Considering that Flipkart was present in India without any major competition from 2007 to 2014, what was the reason why it came to Amazon that Flipkart went backward in the Indian ecommerce market.

There is no apprehension that Amazon used the experiences he had already received as soon as he came to the Indian ecommerce market, well understood Indian online buyers and also looked at the well-known ecommerce companies and the services they already introduced in India, which resulted in It is that every Indian online shopper goes to Amazon, apart from Flipkart, also searches for his product i.e. he is now fully aware of what is Amazon

The main point at which Flipkart should have initially looked at:

– Despite not being able to compete in any major competition till 2007-2014, do not bring the basic reforms related       to the customers.
– Consist of increasingly growing customer complaints, bad feedbacks and dissatisfaction’s.
– Not to be primary focus on customer service
– Take plenty of time to make Flipkart your identity.
– Delivery of products ordered by the customers can not be delivered in less time.
– A complex and troubling process that customers return to purchased goods.

The above points shown above should have been considered at the beginning Flipkart. The customer’s trust in online purchasing is very important, when the customer’s trust stops, then he is looking for other doors. Even after getting 7 years of long time, Flipkart did not get the proper solution for the buyers related problems and the company continued to run on its old course.

Those specialties that make up Amazon are different from Flipkart:

– Customer satisfaction on which the primary focus of the company
– Instant solutions to every problem that buyers buy at call center and web chat.
– Deliver and Return policies that are completed in less time.
– Good coordination with customers until the goods are purchased from the baggage to the baggage.
– Direct and simple process of returning the customers’ money, which is completed in less time.
– Winning the hearts of people on the basis of customer services

“Whenever we talk about the customer service, then we can see why there is no better customer service in India at all. Is it because of the people of our own country who buy goods or companies occupying the country? I would like to answer this question that our indigenous companies probably do not know who they are called customer service. But as our foreign companies came to India to come to a customer service, our domestic companies also came to know. Foreign companies have a hand in making and promoting customer service in India, for which I also thank them. ”

There is also a similar story with Flipkart because maybe they were also waiting for Amazon to come to our country and teach us customer service. Happened to something like this, Flipkart’s lucrative customer service by 2014 had probably been a personal prerogative to call it a big e-commerce company in India. But after 2014 Flipkart started to emphasize on improving its customer services. Flipkart’s customer service is also good today. Currently, Flipkart is not behind Amazon from customer service, yet what are the reasons why buyers see Amazon more?

If I talk about my personal research then I have seen that – The customer who searches on Flipkart once goes to Amazon and searches for the same product which he was looking at on Flipkart.

Another thing is that – The customer who is looking for a product on Amazon once goes to Flipkart and searches for the same product which he was looking for on Amazon.

If both of the above mentioned things are mixed together, then Flipkart and Amazon are standing face-to-face with each other and both companies recognize that the Indian knows, that is, both in India that brand value is equal. When both name and fame are the same, and now Flipkart has already done better customer service, then what is the problem that Flipkart product is lagging behind Amazon in terms of sell. Let me tell you that I am referring to Flipkart only here and not just the other e-commerce companies acquired by them. If mixed with Flipkart and other e-commerce companies sold by it, then it will overtake Amazon.

Well we were talking about Flipkart only which is going to be behind in Amazon’s forward product sell. Despite being equal in Brand Value and customer service, if Flipkart is behind, then there is a shortage in understanding the user purchase behavior. Amazon from Flipkart – Flipkart from Amazon and then comes on Amazon from Flipkart and gets the final order i.e.

“Understanding customer’s buying behaviour is the key to success e-commerce business”

It is good to see and listen to the increasing trend of online shopping in big cities. But here’s one more thing that comes out openly, that there is always a danger between the customer and the e-commerce company, due to which there is always a danger in the buyer’s mind. Customer buying is the first point of behavior behavior (trust, faith). According to my experience, if the e-commerce company continues to maintain good faith with its buyers, then the goods sold by it will always increase. There are some other key points that should be taken care of.

SPECIAL TALK: It is always a good idea that whether Flipkart or Amazon both websites buys the goods based on their interest and previous experience because there is no salesman to convince him like shop here.

What is customer’s buying behavior?

1 – Before ordering any product, check it on several e-commerce websites.
2 – Compare Price by visiting multiple e-commerce websites.
3 – View the reviews of the same product given by the previous customer’s.
4 – View reviews of sellers and reviews given by other customer’s.

The four points given above, which the customer repeats every time before purchasing a piece of goods, but if so much he still buys the item where he is trusted. Some experts believe that the price of the product is a big factor, but I do not think so. If there is a huge difference in the price of the product such as 500 – 1000 or more then the customer can change its mind once; But in the present system, no e-commerce website can now see the difference of such a large price. Only at the difference of 50, 100 or 150, customers do not play with their respective beliefs, especially those customers who mostly do online shopping. Apart from this, things like coupon codes, credit card offers and discounts are also seen, but they are adopting almost every e-commerce company, so their impact is not something special on the purchaser.

Flipkart Vs Amazon Website:

Flipkart is a website that is attractive and even better in navigation than Amazon.
– Search result is both quick and product category, product range are both good.
– Product page Flipkart is much worse than Amazon.
– On Amazon’s product page – Product Description, Seller Rating & Info, Customer Questions & Answers, Customer Reviews are shown very well.
– On product page of Flipkart – Product Description is very partially due to which the customer’s can not find complete information.

Looking at both the website well, then Amazon has created its website by focusing on user information, while Flipkart has made its focus on website product sell. It does not matter if there is less information on the small product that runs on the job, but there are some products which require accurate information about it, otherwise the customer can not afford to buy the goods.

Who will dominate the Indian E-commerce Market? This is the subject of a discussion which specifically points to two rival Flipkart and Amazon. This rivalry is that Flipkart acquired many other e-commerce companies to maintain its existence and to give Amazon a tough fight in the Indian market, so that the online customer’s can be put on its own. The question is whether even after doing so, Flipkart will be able to become a truly big opponent in the future in front of Amazon, overtaking Amazon, or will it overtake Amazon? At present, this is a question that can not be answered immediately.

E-commerce companies acquired by Flipkart:

1) – Letsbuy.com in 2012
2) – Myntra.com in 2014
3) – Jabong.com in 2016
4) – eBay.in in 2017 (ebay.in which will work as a separate entity with Flipkart)

The names mentioned above are so famous that those who have their own good customer base, Flipkart took all those who had to pay even the huge amount. If we also add up to four companies above with Flipkart, their revenue will definitely be higher than Amazon. I can not deny that Company Acquisitions was mandatory for the Flipkart to demolish Amazon’s increasing dominion but the question is that by acquiring the four e-commerce companies given above, also preventing Amazon’s growing influence Which can be based on the Best Price, Wide Range of Product, Strong Control on Listed Sellers, Quick Delivery, Communication with Customer’s, Excellent Customer Services, Faith of Customer’s, Trust on Amazon and 22 Years of Industry Experiences.

Being an Indian, I would like Flipkart to remain strong in the Indian e-commerce market because Flipkart has contributed greatly in furthering the e-commerce business in India. Flipkart is the name of people that is on the verb but the veracity of this tongue is the work of Flipkart. I would like Flipkart not only sell the goods but also sold people their confidence, so that more and more people go closer to Flipkart. Flipkart will have to understand that with the help of just company acquisition, the global e-commerce company like Amazon can not be suppressed because it is well known that Amazon has more competitions than India and the competitor has come to India through which countries went through. It would not be wrong to say that Amazon can win the battle of domination in the Indian ecommerce market on the basis of its services and experience, if Flipkart is really to move forward, then only trust, quality and integrity are the only support.

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